Your withdrawal will be done via bank transfer back to the bank account from which you made your deposits.
Please email us at compliance@atom8.com if that account has been closed with details of your new bank account. Your new account details must be verified by our compliance department which will delay return of funds to you accordingly.

Please refer to the Account Withdrawals Table and the notes below the table for timing and related costs involved.


  • Withdrawal instructions must be given securely via your online Website Account
  • No transfer can be made to third parties
  • Making withdrawals requires there to be no open positions on your trading account and the electronic trading system may close your open positions and cancel any open orders to protect your account equity. This occurs automatically to prevent positions being maintained or new positions being opened based on larger account equity in place before your withdrawal. Atom8 is not responsible for any loss or the loss of potential profits as a result of this automated process occurring.
  • Please familiarise yourself with applicable fees in the Account Withdrawals Table and the sections below the table.

Bank transfer
The default bank transfer is a FASTER payment to UK banks at a cost of £5.00.  You may also request a free BACS transfer (free up to £10,000) in your withdrawal request in the Additional Comments box.

Withdrawal requests normally processed same day but no later than 24 hours of receipt, Monday to Friday (excluding UK bank holidays).

Returning pound sterling to a UK bank account should occur normally same day by FASTER payments or no later than 10am the following working day for requests submitted before 12:00pm, excluding bank holidays.

For international withdrawals, transfer times depend on the countries and the currency involved. In such cases, funds are usually returned to your bank account between 2-5 working days after processing by Atom8.

For Joint Accounts
Please email us at compliance@atom8.com for withdrawals from Joint Accounts and we will email you the appropriate withdrawal form requiring two signatures.

Account Withdrawals Table
Please see the costs and time scales in remitting your funds.  Whilst we endeavour to process your withdrawal request same day where possible, in busy periods, the request may not be actioned until the following day.

Funding methods


Timing (relative to day of processing withdrawal)

Bank wire (BACS), UK/ GBP only

Free (up to £10,000)

2 days

FASTER Payments (up to £100,000, GBP/ UK only)


Same day (normally 2 hours)

SEPA (Euro) credit transfers to EU/EEA1


1 day (EUR)

Bank wire/ transfer (CHAPS), unlimited amount, GBP/ UK only


Same day

International payments (SWIFT)

At cost: $20-$25 for 3 day settlement; $40 for same day/T+1

1-5 business days, depending on recipient country

1. Applies to the 27 Member States of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland

Fees may be updated from time to time. Please check the website periodically

Transfer fees may be updated from time to time to reflect the cost to us of the provision of this service to you.   Please review the Website periodically for any updates.

Frequent, immediate or trivial withdrawal fees

Trivial, frequent (i.e., requests made more frequently than every 10 business days), including immediate withdrawal requests will be subject to an additional £30 (or foreign currency equivalent) administration charge to cover the personnel time in processing such type of withdrawals.

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