Our principles

We offer a bespoke personalised service to all clients.

  • We treat you fairly, it makes good business sense and it is a regulatory requirement.
  • Our staff are trained and selected based on their competence and their attitude to customer service.
  • If you have a complaint, we will answer it promptly and consider the situation with impartiality.
  • We do not use jargon or if unavoidable, we are happy to explain.
  • All clients have access to the same liquidity pool without orders being aggregated, irrespective of their Account Type.
  • We continually strive to improve our offering.
  • In seeking out the best technology and the safest counterparties with which to construct our business, our aim is to benefit you in your trading.
  • We want you to succeed!

On your side: know the terms and know the risks

Read the Risk Disclosure Notice, the Client Agreement and the Policies under the Documentation tab and familiarise yourself with all the platform and the available tools and resources. Manage your risk, monitor your positions and keep learning about trading. Good luck!

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