Liquidity Model

Atom8’s superior ECN offerings are based on two key principles and technology in respect of each ECN feed offered:

  • Equal trading rights: All clients have equal possibilities to provide and consume liquidity within each ECN Liquidity Pool offered by Atom8.
  • Transparent pricing environment: All clients have access to the same liquidity for evey feed we offer. Each and every client has the same data-feed for any given feed we offer.
  • Various Suitable Feeds: Atom8 offers pure inter-bank ECNs for retail, institutional as well as sharper flow. We can help find the optimal conditions for your strategy but we need your honesty in return to explain your trading goals and strategies.



The Atom8 Trader Pro ECN Liquidity Pool represents a highly sophisticated way of liquidity aggregation benefitting from the following features:

  • Execution & Latency: Atom8’s unique technology hedges instantly all clients' trades directly with other Liquidity Providers. Atom8’s liquidity is based on connectivity to about 20 of the world’s major Liquidity Providers across its various feeds. All trades are usually executed in milliseconds.
  • Low spreads: As foreign exchange is a dis-aggregated, non exchange-traded market, the best pricing comes from the depth of your liquidity pool and your technological offering. Atom8 has integrated liquidity of the world's leading foreign exchange banks and other ECNs. Thanks to these numerous banks and service providers, Atom8 offers arguably the deepest source of liquidity in the industry resulting in tight spreads. See “Spreads & Fees” for more information on spreads, commissions and other applicable fees.
  • ECN Liquidity: The integration of the world's major banks allows Atom8 to execute large orders, which are hedged within the Liquidity Providers' network. For example, clients could trade notional amounts in one click up to 200 million USD.
  • Market Depth: Atom8 gives the opportunity to clients to access the market depth monitor on one of its feeds. This tool provides the traders with information about the market structure for each currency pair. This data allows participants to anticipate the full execution before placing their order.
  • Provide liquidity yourself – be your own market marker!: Each client can place bids/offers in the market on a specific feed. The Place Bid/Ask Orders allow you to act as liquidity providers by placing individual bids and offers directly into the market! Bids/Offers are very similar to limit orders and are used to buy or sell a currency at a specified price or better. In addition to limit orders, Bids/Offers have several advantages. As all Bids/Offers are placed directly in the market, they can be taken by other liquidity consumers, thus allowing a trader to avoid a spread cost. Additionally, you can specify the time period (Good Till Cancelled/Good For/Good Till) allowed for the system to process the order. All together, these features make Bids/Offers valuable tools for intraday trading.


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