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Foreign Exchange Trading

  • Atom8 gives access to multiple institutional ECN price feeds as a pure STP broker.
  • The platform provides the access to some of the most liquid foreign exchange liquidity pools and the closest possible experience to direct market access for foreign exchange trading you can achieve.
  • Traditionally, an institutional ECN Account would require a $50,000 minimum account size but you can start with a £5,000 deposit with Atom8.
  • With our selected price feeds, there is no dealer desk intervention.
  • In addition, the deep liquidity increases your chances of getting filled at the level you set.
  • Foreign exchange is traded as a spot contract and “rolls” each night at 9pm or 10pm GMT, depending on the season.

Precious metals CFDs

  • In addition to FX pairs, you can also trade the precious metals, gold and silver as CFDs or a “contract for difference”.
  • A “contract for difference” is a synthetic over-the-counter derivative contract which changes in value due to the movement in price of the underlying instrument, in this case, the spot gold or silver price.
  • As with FX, the leverage permitted means that you can control a large notional position with a smaller deposit.
  • Many resources available to teach you the basics online or simply call us for further assistance to get you started.

Risk Warning

Foreign exchange and Contracts For Difference (CFDs) are leveraged products and carry a high level of risk to your capital as prices may move rapidly against you. You could lose more than your initial investment and in that situation would be required to make further payments. As these products may not be suitable for all clients, please understand the risks sufficiently and seek independent advice, where necessary.

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