• Who can open an account with Atom8?

Atom8 accepts all types of clients: institutional clients, including banks, investment funds/ managed account managers/ signal providers and private individual traders.

• Do all the accounts have access to the Atom8 ECN?

Yes, all the accounts have direct access to the Atom8 ECN. All clients have access to same price feed from the ECN.

• Does Atom8 have a dealing desk?

No, all trading orders are executed automatically via the platform.  Execution is STP (Straight-Through Processing).  If you call us to place an order, the order is entered manually into the trading system for automated execution.

• Can I fund my account by bank transfer, cheque, bank card or credit card?

Please refer to https://www.atom8.com/deposits  for all current information on ways to fund your account.

How do I make a withdrawal? 

Please request a Withdrawal in the My Account section of the Website.

• Is it possible to contact Atom8 on a 24 hours basis?

Yes, for urgent trading support and urgent platform IT issues, our representatives are available on a 24h basis from Sunday 9pm GMT until Friday 9pm GMT in summer, and from Sunday 10pm GMT till Friday 10pm GMT in winter.

General customer service and New Account inquiries are handled between 9am to 6pm on weekdays.

• What are the differences between Demo and Live platforms?

While all features and functions of the live platform are available on the demo platform, traders should keep in mind that simulation cannot replicate real trading marketplace conditions. One important distinction is that the volume executed through the simulation has no effect on the liquidity pool, whereas in live trading, volumes traded effect the ECN liquidity, especially when the deal size is large.  Furthermore, traders can have a very different psychological profile depending on whether they trade in the Demo or Live platforms. This aspect may impact the evaluation performed with the Demo account. Traders are advised to use caution and avoid complacency about any conclusion they would have drawn from the use of the Demo platform.

• What fees apply with Atom8?

Please refer to https://www.atom8.com/spreads-fees for currently applicable trading related fees.  No additional fees currently apply as the platform is designed for active traders.  This policy may be reviewed in the future depending on average client trading activity levels and clients will be notified of any applicable account fees in advance, where applicable.

• I have an account in euros, but I would prefer to have it in dollars. Can I switch from euros to dollars?

Yes, it is possible. You should contact your account manager and he or she will explain to you the process and its implications.

• I would like to know the amount of my last transfer on my account.

This information is available in your portfolio statement and in the MyAccount section of your Website Account.

• I want my partner to be able to see my trades and my reports, but NOT to place any order. Is that possible and how?

Yes, it is possible. You can give your partner their own login, so s/he can see the platform and the reports but not make any change. In order for us to proceed, please send us your request at helpdesk@atom8.com, stating which login name you would like for your partner.

• I received an email stating that my equity was too low, so my account was blocked. I have topped up my account by bank transfer and my equity is now GBP 1,500. Still, my account remains blocked!

Please contact your account manager and they will take action to reactivate your account.

• I want to withdraw some funds but my bank in Jamaica has an account with Citibank New York, so I would have to wire to their account as the beneficiary.

We do not send funds to a bank account that is not registered with us, but if you want to register a new bank account, please contact your account manager.

• Can you extend my demo login for testing?

Please send an email to your account manager to get a permanent demo account, but this is only for live clients.

• What does Ext.ID mean after I place an order?

External Identification

• Is it possible to change the currency of the account deposit?

No, however a new account in a different currency can be created and the money from your existing account can be transferred to this new account. If you'd like to do that, please contact your account manager.

• How do I change my leverage from 100 to 30 in Atom8 Trader Pro?

Please email helpdesk@atom8.com with this request.

• How do I know my client ID and account number?

The client ID is in your activation email and the account number was given to you by your account manager.

• I have made a deposit yesterday with my credit card but I cannot see the deposit in my portfolio statement.

Depending on the time of the deposit, it will usually be put into the account the next business day.


• Do I need a Pin in the Login icon that appears when I execute the downloaded jnlp “launch platform” file?

No, you don’t so please ignore it, unless you or your organisation has requested this additional layer of security.

• Can I use the same live login and trade on different computers?

Yes you can and it will not affect your platforms’ performance.

• I have downloaded the jnlp file for Atom8 Trader/ Atom8Trader Pro but it does not open the Platform when try to I login?

On your PC, please try the following to remove potentially disruptive old temporary internet files:

 1) Go to Control Panel

2) Click on Java/ Java Control Panel

3) In the “General” tab, click on “Settings” under Temporary Internet Files

4) Click on “Delete Files…” to remove the temporary files

5) Tick all 3 boxes when asked to "Delete the following files" and click "OK"

6) Exit Control Panel

7) Click again on the downloaded jnlp file or download it again and insert your login and password details only and click on "Login".

If you do not have Java installed, go to http://www.java.com/en/ to download java

• When will I receive my login details for my live trading account?

Login details are sent to new clients via email during the day in which the account has been activated. Usually this happens when client funds assuming all other account opening steps have been completed by Atom8.


Please refer to https://www.atom8.com/placing-orders for general information on placing orders on the platform.

What is the difference between Stop and Limit orders?

Stop Order

A stop order is a pending order to buy or sell a currency once the price of the currency pair reaches a specified price, known as the stop price. When the stop price is reached, the stop order becomes a market order.  A buy stop order is always placed above the current market price, while a sell stop order is placed below.  On the Atom8 platform, stop orders can be triggered either by ask or bid price, thus giving traders more flexibility in execution control.  For stop orders, a slippage tolerance value of 10 pips is applied by default.  If any slippage value is indicated by the trader, the stop order becomes a stop limit order. That is, if the stop order will fail to execute within the specified slippage range, the order will be automatically transformed into a limit order.  In practice, what this means for a buy stop that was not executed on the initial price trigger is that the market will have to fall back to the initial trigger price or better before it is filled.

Limit Order

A limit order is a pending order to buy or sell a currency at a specified level or better. A buy limit order can only be executed at the limit price or lower and triggered by the ask side, and a sell limit order can only be executed at the limit price or higher and triggered by the bid side.  Limit orders may fail to execute because the market price may quickly bounce back from the limit price before your order can be filled.

• What is a "Place BID/OFFER" type of order?

These orders allow traders to act as liquidity providers by placing individual bids and offers directly in the ECN liquidity pool. Bids/Offers are very similar to limit orders and used to buy or sell a currency at a specified price or better. However, relative to limit orders, Bids/Offers have several advantages. As all Bids/Offers are placed directly in the marketplace, they can be taken by other liquidity consumers, thus allowing clients to avoid paying the spread. The required margin for Bids/Offers is reserved instantly when the order is accepted, which means that less time is needed to process the execution.  Additionally, traders can specify a time period (Good Till Cancelled / Good For / Good Till) allowed for the system to work the order. These features make Bids/Offers valuable tools for intraday trading.

• Why was my conditional order executed immediately as soon as I pressed Submit button?

When entering a conditional order, ensure to pay attention to the current market price, the desired price and the direction of the (symbol (≤ or ≥) set out in your order.

If an order's conditions are satisfied by then current market price, the order will be executed immediately.

Example: Current market price EUR/USD 1.4310, your conditional order is Buy if >=1.4305. The order will be executed immediately because the order states the client is prepared to buy if the price is equal to or greater than 1.4305.

• Market if Touched Order (MIT)

A MIT is a limit order with a specified slippage tolerance value.  In comparison to limit orders, the MIT order may have a higher probability of execution within the slippage range.

• Market Order

A Market order is an order to buy or sell a currency immediately at the available market price. Market orders are executed according to the available bids and offers within the market depth, which indicates volumes available at each price level.  When a trade is placed at market and the order amount is greater than the volume of the price offered on the platform, the execution of the remaining amount is split according to the next levels of the market depth. For market orders, a maximum slippage value is applied by default unless another value is selected by the trader. Should the market price slip more than the specified level, the market order will be automatically rejected without further resubmission.

• What is the best (cheapest) way to close off-setting positions?

If I have a long and a short position for the same instrument in a "Position Structure" field (being economically flat), what is the best way to close these two positions and to avoid paying cost of carry overnight?

If you have two positions (long and short) for the same instrument, you may use the "Merge" function. Unlike other broker, no commission or any other fees will be charged for the merge as there is no trade involved in this case.


• What is the minimum trading size for XAG/USD & XAU/USD?

The minimum trading size for Gold is 1 unit and for silver 50 units.

• What is the value in USD for XAG/USD (for the minimum amount)?

1 PIP=0.01 USD when you trade one unit of gold and 1 PIP=0.5 USD when you trade 50 units of silver.

My platform is set to units. How do I relate this to 100 ounces of gold?

A: 1 unit of gold is one ounce.

At what time is trading on gold not possible?

The market for gold and silver is closed every day from 21:00 to 22:00 GMT.

• How does the margin call work?

At the bottom of your Atom Trader Pro platform, you can see your Use of Leverage.  If it goes above 100%, you will not be allowed to increase exposure on your Account. You may only close the existing unhedged positions or hedge current positions in order to reduce exposure. Your positions will not be closed automatically.  The automated system will cancel all placed bid/offer orders that can increase the exposure.

If your Use of Leverage exceeds 200%, the system will reduce your exposure by hedging positions in the opposite direction for all positions which contribute to exposure on your Account, in order to decrease the use of leverage to 100% or less. 

By default, the system automatically reduces exposure so that the Use of Leverage is brought to approximately 100%.

• How do I plot the moving average on my chart?

To plot the moving average, please click 'add indicator' under the f(x)symbol. Choose Common -> Overlap Studies - MA indicator.

• How do I remove a price marker line?

Double click on it to select it, then right click and choose 'remove' in the drop down menu or simply press the Delete key on your keyboard. 

• How can I remove the prices of my trades from the chart?

In the drop-down menus at the top of your platform, choose tools, than preferences and the “Chart Tab”. At the bottom, you will see “Orders Visualisation”. Here you can un-check the prices which you don’t want to appear on your chart.

• How can I limit slippage on execution of my orders?

The trading platforms give the trader the option to limit or fully exclude slippage on all market orders.  It is to be noted that decreasing tolerance to slippage increases the probability of order rejects.

What is the maximum number positions I can open (live account – Atom8 Trader Pro platform), including stop losses and take profits?

The maximum number of individual positions, including open positions and potential-pending orders, is 200.  Orders linked to a position - take-profit and stop-loss orders - are not taken into account in this calculation. 

• What leverage do you provide?

Atom8 offers a leverage ratio up to 100:1 during business days and the leverage is reduced to 30:1 from 6pm GMT Friday evening.

• Do you guarantee the execution of stop losses?

Atom8 guarantees the execution of Stop Loss orders. However, during fast markets or gaps, there may be the probability of a large slippage.

• What is Equity Protection?

The equity protection function assists clients to reduce their account losses at a certain point. Traders are given the possibility to automatically close all positions beyond a certain equity drawdown level.

To protect funds with equity protection please use the 'Stop Loss Level's function located in the Portfolio section of the trading platform under the sub-heading "My Account", or in client reports for managed and non-managed accounts. All open positions will be closed, all pending orders will be cancelled and trading blocked if the equity on the Account is equal to or less than the 'Stop Loss Level'. Please be informed that equity on the Account after the closing of all open positions might be less than the 'Stop Loss Level', depending on market conditions.

Is the STOP LOSS ORDER is placed externally - on your ECN server, or locally - on my computer?

All your orders are sent to our servers. So if your computer is switched off, your stop loss order is still alive.

I have two short positions open. I would like to merge them. How do I do that and what will be the new price of the unique position created? I use the Atom8 Trader Pro platform.

At the bottom of the window, in the Position tab, select the positions you want to merge by ticking them on the first column. Then right click on one of the positions and choose “Merge selected”. DONE!

To calculate the price of the remaining position, multiply the price of each position by the amount of the position and add the results together.  Thereafter, you divide this number by the total amount of positions. If the two positions have the same amount, just add the prices and divide the result by 2. It works the same way for two long positions. If the orders are going in opposite directions, the new price will be the same as the biggest order.

Can I run more than one strategy locally in a live environment?

Yes, you can.

What is the unit for “market depth"? 


My platform is set to units. How do I relate this to 100 ounces of gold?

1 unit of gold is one ounce.

Can I have my Stop Loss order (for a buy position) going up as the price goes up?

Yes, you can. There is a “trailing step” option and it does just what you need. Right click on the Stop loss order and choose “Edit stop loss”. On the new window which appears, you can tick “Trailing step”. By default, the value (in PIPS) is the one set up in your Preferences panel. A trailing of 10 pips means that if the market price gets 10 pips better than the price at which you placed the order, the stop loss target price will automatically move in the same direction for 10 pips. This option is available for Buy and Sell positions, only for Stop Loss orders. The Stop Loss level will move only in one direction.

I didn’t close my positions on Friday, so I lost money. Can you roll back the orders to where they were before closure on Friday?

No, we cannot do that. You are entirely responsible for the orders you place.

What is the minimum value of the trailing step?

10 pips


• What should I do in case of internet connection loss?

Call Trading Support on: +44 (0) 203 4053 911

• Is phone trading available in case of emergency?

Yes, it is possible to trade over the platform or by calling +44 (0) 20 34053 911

• Which number should I call if I would like to use the phone brokerage service?

You should call +44 (0) 20 34053 911 although the firm does not utilise a dealing desk and platform based trading should be clients’ primary source of transaction executions.

• Can I place orders using the internal "Online Help" chat facility or through Skype with your support desk?

Due to security and compliance reasons, orders can only be placed via the platform.


• Are there any special requirements for my PC to use the Atom8’s Trading Platforms?

Any modern hi-specification PC/ laptop should be sufficient but please note the following.

For JAVA version of the platform:

- direct Internet connection (no proxy allowed);

- Java v.5.0+;

- CPU 1500MHz+

For WEB version of the platform:

- Firefox 1.5+ (Recommended) or Microsoft IE v5.5+ or Opera 8+.

How can I change the time zone in Atom8 Trader Pro?

It is not possible to change the time zone on your platform. It is always GMT.

• What port do I need to open on my proxy server in order to connect to the Atom8 Trader Pro platform?

443 and 10443 

• Which platform do you recommend and why?

We recommend the Atom8 Trader Pro platform, as it has more features than the Java one, like automated trading, and it is more user friendly for manual traders. The web platform is used only by people who cannot run java applications on their computers due to a very tight security policy. So Atom8 Trader Pro is the platform you want to go for.

• I am currently using a Mac with Snow Leopard. If I upgrade to Lion, will my Atom8 Trader Pro platform still run on my computer?

Yes, your Atom8 Trader Pro platform will run on Lion (with the default settings and applications). Atom8 Trader Pro runs on any operating system which has JAVA installed.

• When I click to see my portfolio, I see a message “session has expired”.

Please check your system date and time settings: time, date, and time zone. If that’s fine, please clean your browser cache.

• Can I export past trades into an Excel file?

Yes. In your reports, you will spot a button called "Export". It does exactly that. This option is available in the portfolio statement (where you can find your past trades) and the position report.

• When is the next version of the platform due to be released?

No date has been announced yet.

• I would like you to change my demo account back to normal mode (hedging mode).

Please send a request to helpdesk@atom8.com (from the email you have provided when you registered), stating your Login.  Before, please close all positions and orders and do not trade before your account has been switched to hedging mode. Wait a maximum of 24 hours.

• Why, even when I don’t trade, is my equity changing?

Your Equity level moves (in very small amounts) until settlement time (2100GMT). The phenomenon appears when all your positions are settled according to your base currency. Please do not be concerned as the change will be minor (reflecting the mark-to-market movement of your traded currencies). After 21:00 GMT if you don’t open any positions your Equity will not change.

• When I log into my reports, I get a message “session expired”.

Please make sure that the time, time zone, and dates on your computer are correct. If so, send us an email with the link to the report you are trying to open.

• I have lost my password. Can you remind me what it is?

Your password is encrypted and we don’t have access to it. We can only reset your password. Please write to helpdesk@atom8.com (from the email you have provided when you registered) or call us +44 (0)20 7043 5050.

• Does the Atom8 liquidity derive from an ECN?

Yes. An ECN trading environment is recognisable by the addition of the following attributes: existence of a marketplace where traders can trade with each other, displaying of the market depth including clients’ place bid and place offer orders, variable spreads, STP execution with no dealing desk and competition between various bids and asks placed on the marketplace and the same price feed for all clients.

• Is Atom8 the counterparty of my trades?

Notwithstanding the existence of the ECN, legally Atom8 is the counterparty of all of its clients’ trades.  However, Atom8 sends 100% of its orders to the ECN liquidity pool in its own name for hedging purposes without order aggregation, including the Place Bid/ Offer orders.  All traders receive the same data feed and same execution quality whatever the size of their trades.

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